Knowledge Base

How do I protect certain directories of my website in cPanel

a)      Login to your website cPanel

b)      Search for the option of  “Password Protection” under security  and click on it

c)       In the populated window browse to the folder  or directory for which you want to restrict the  access

d)      Now click on the name of the directory

e)      It will show you a form where you have to mention the requested information.

f)       Enter the username/password and save it.

How can I enable Spam Assassin to stop the spam in my cPanel

a)      Login to your website cPanel

b)      Under Mail section click on Spam Assassin

c)       Now on this interface as highlighted select “Enable Spam Assassin.”  Once you have clicked this button, you will get a confirmation page

d)      Here You can confirm that Spam Assassin is enabled by going back to the Spam Assassin page.

e)      Now on this interface set the strength. The recommended value for the strength is 5

How do I generate and download a full backup of my website including databases

a)      Login to your websites CPanel

b)      Search for Backup option and click on it

c)       Now here on this page Click on Generate/Download a Full Backup

d)      Under “Backups Available for Download”, click the link with the file name of the backup.

e)      Once you clicked on it , it will start downloading the backup file

f)       Select a destination on your PC for where you would like to save it to.

g)      Click Save

How do I change my CPanel password

a)      Login to your websites cPanel

b)      Under the “Preferences Menu” option, click “Change Password”

c)       Now Enter your old password and then your new password , make sure you will UNCHECKING the box of Allow MySQL password change

d)      Click on “Change my Password”

How can I create Auto-responders for my email address through cPanel

a)      Login to your website CPanel

b)      Under mail section search for Auto Responders and click on it

c)       On the next interface click on Add Auto Responders

d)      Now this is where you have to create the Auto responders Once you have filled in the information, click on “Create/Modify:”

e)      Now you can confirm that your new Autoresponder has been created

How can I set mail forwarders for my email ID in cPanel

a)      Login to your website cPanel

b)      Under mail section click on Forwarders

c)       Now click on Add Forwarder

d)      On this interface you can set your desired email address you want the email sent to.  It can be forwarded to any email address that you use on daily basis e.g. your gmail account

e)      Click “Add Forwarder” and you can then verify that the Forwarder has been created