Innovative Hosting Corporation Sponsorship Program

Innovative Hosting Corporation wants to sponsor you!

Do you run a popular blog, or other busy website? Innovative Hosting Corporation may be interested in sponsoring you or advertising with you. Please contact us at and let us know the following information:

» Your website address
» Number of unique visitors per month that visit your website
» The purpose or subject of your website.
» A description of a typical visitor to your website
» Why you think your visitors would be interested in Innovative Hosting Corporation
» What you would like from us.

Please keep things simple and try to stick to the overview above. It may take us several weeks to review your submission. If we need more information we’ll let you know. Thanks from all of us here at Innovative Hosting Corporation!

* Please note, your submissions are offered for consideration to us. Not every submission is approved and there is no guarantee of sponsorship.